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NECF Prayer Statement on Israel-Palestine Conflict

NECF Prayer Statement on Israel-Palestine Conflict

As an evangelical Christian organisation in Malaysia committed to the full authority of our holy scriptures, we are compelled to call on all member churches to pray earnestly and without ceasing for the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict that has claimed over 900 lives thus far.

It is indeed alarming and distressing to read, hear and see news reports highlighting the suffering and hardship endured by the people, especially the Palestinians, as well as the death of innocent civilians, many of whom are women and children, arising from the violent aggression of Israel's military power.

The Bible clearly teaches that God longs for justice and peace for all people, irrespective of race, creed or nationhood. We believe that the principles of peace and justice, so powerfully spoken by the Hebrew prophets, are applicable and relevant to all nations and all people of the world in this time of crisis in the Middle East. The Bible also speaks of humans being created in the image of God and that all are vested with human dignity. As such, all human being whether Jews or Palestinian have equal rights to life, liberty and livelihood. The atrocities in this war in the Middle East have caused much destruction and loss of innocent lives which go against the grain of human dignity.

We are therefore compelled to pray to our Lord for His mighty intervention for a cessation to the war and Israel’s violent aggression. We enjoined all to pray and intercede to our great God who according to Ps.46:9 is the one who "makes wars cease to the end of the earth." We pray for a fair, negotiated solution for both the Israelis and Palestinians that will usher in lasting peace, harmony and justice for all people, be they Jews or Palestinians, and for the two nation states involved in the conflict.

We call on all evangelicals, all Christians, and everyone of good will to join us to pray faithfully in the coming days and months ahead for the following:-

  1. That God will intervene and in His own sovereign way bring about a just, lasting solution of peace and harmony in the conflict between the two nation states of Israel and Palestine;
  2. That the Lord will be moved and act in this critical moment for a ceasefire between the two nation states so that no more lives are lost as a result of the war and that the sufferings of the people of the two nations, especially the Palestinians, will be alleviated.
  3. That humanitarian assistance and aid in the form of food, medical personnel and supplies will directly and quickly reach the victims of the war and for their benefit; and
  4. That all quarters, including the United States government and the United Nations, will resolve and do their uttermost to bring about an end to this conflict, thus preventing more loss of lives and suffering to the people.

NECF Malaysia
14 January 2009

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