Vision & Mission


Arise daughters of destiny for the Kingdom of God in Malaysia and beyond.

Mission Statement

The Women Commission exists to support the vision of NECF Malaysia in transforming the nation. Women make up the majority in churches and are often the backbone of church life and activities. The Commission believes it can act as a catalyst to empower women of all walks of life to take up strategic and leadership roles as well as maximize their gifting in the church, marketplace and family. When fully released, women will be the most powerful agents of transformation for the church and the nation


  • Empower women to arise to their full potential (everywhere) in every domain
  • Develop and support women in leadership in all spheres
  • Network with other ministries and outreach to advance the progress of women empowerment and leadership issues


  • Conduct women leadership roundtables to train, engage and collaborate
  • Establish regional women commission hubs (north, central, south, east and East Malaysia) for empowerment activities
  • Convene national women conferences to unite efforts as well as inspire progress in women empowerment