Our Vision

Our vision is that all full-time servants of God have their physical needs sufficiently taken care of. We believe that "those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel" (1 Cor 9:14). Adequate material provision enables the servants of God to give their best to the ministry.



Chairman's Message

Message from NECF Malaysia Council Chairman

Over the last 5 years since its establishment, the Foundation has helped many pastors and workers.

With the rising cost of living, healthcare and education, the Foundation expects to see a substantial increase in applications. We envisage more of God’s servants will encounter financial challenges that personal and other resources cannot meet.

The foundation can be a lifeline to them.

As the people of God, we are exhorted to take care of those in the household of faith, much more so servants of the Lord, most of whom are earning less than their peers in secular jobs, because they stayed true to their call. There are enough pressures in the ministry as it is, so it is an expression of practical love if we can lessen their burden by assisting with their financial needs.

The Foundation’s ability to be of financial assistance to these servants of God is directly related to its "working capital". It has often been said that Malaysians are generous people. My prayer is that this will continue to be true as you partner with NECF Foundation in contributing towards this need, so that we may have "an abundance for every good work".

May the world know that we are disciples of Jesus Christ because we have love for one another.


Rev Eu Hong Seng

Our Mission

Our mission is to complement churches and parachurch organisations in providing for the needy servants of God.


Secretary-General's Message

The NECF Foundation was launched on 3 April, 2004. We have existed for 5 years. Have we been responding to the needs of our full time workers? Certainly Yes, as records show that we have blessed them in the following areas:-

  • Welfare Support
  • Education loan
  • Insurance Subsidies

We have also referred full time workers to medical professionals who have a passion to help the Lord’s servants with their services.

Through the provision of educational loans to full time workers, NECF Foundation also invests in the future of children as the benefit of tertiary education positions them better for the market place.

We could do more if more resources are available to us. Therefore, we encourage you to take the opportunity to partner with us and the small churches that are not able to provide for their pastors.

We want to encourage you to be a partner of our NECF Foundation not only in financial resource but also in prayer for the Board members, who have dedicated much of their time and talent in serving the larger body of Christ.


Yours very truly in Christ

Samuel Ang