What We Do

Over the past five years, NECF Foundation has been quietly helping many pastors and full-time workers by providing material assistance. Though the ministry may be low-key, yet the assistance it renders has long term impact on the future generations of the beneficiaries.

For example, the interest loans extended to pastors' children for their tertiary education has lent them hope of a brighter future. Thus far, the Foundation has disbursed RM243,630 to help fund the education of 19 full-time worker’s children. Another 94,000 has been given out as welfare support (medical expenses).

Another form of help that has far-reaching impact is the subsidies given to needy pastors in East Malaysia for their insurance premiums. Some of these pastors have to travel into difficult terrain to minister the word of God and look after the welfare of their flock, covering many churches within a week.

The special insurance scheme has been packaged to provide physical protection and medical coverage so that they have the peace of mind to concentrate doing the Lord's work for His glory. To-date we have helped over 400 needy full-time pastors and the cost to us per annum is Rm74,000.

We invite you to partner with us for the future of God's servants. The little contribution you give will certainly bless the generations to come.

There are many crying needs but the Foundation's funds are limited and fast depleting.