Terms of Reference



Mission Statement

The Research Commission exists to achieve the vision of NECF Malaysia in transforming the nation through the local church. To effectively live out and proclaim the Gospel in the face of challenges, the churches in Malaysia need to discern the signs of the times and understand the implications in seeking transformation, holiness and justice.


  1. To study, monitor and interpret the spiritual significance of issues and trends – past, contemporary and emerging.
  2. To act as a convenient resource and forum for information, discussion, reference and opinion, and provide responses to urgent issues as needed.
  3. To encourage Christians to be sensitive to the times so that they are watchful, prayerful and proactive.
  4. To alert Christians of wrong or irresponsible or unprincipled teachings and misleading information.
  5. To network with resource individuals and relevant groups/institutions.

What is Expected of a Member?

The Commission and all its members shall adhere to the evangelical doctrine upheld by the NECF Malaysia as the basis for its ethical conduct and behaviour. This implies that there must be love, peace and unity of spirit in the following two major areas of potential conflict:

1.    Differences in Outlook: There must be a broad acceptance and tolerance towards one another. This includes style, conduct, culture, ethos, habits or other practical differences which are not considered unethical or immoral or clearly unscriptural by the larger evangelical body of Christ;

2.    Variations in Interpretation: There must be tolerance towards variations of interpretation of the Scriptures, including matters of doctrine, which are not considered major by the threefold magisterium of

a.     evangelical clergies;

b.     spiritually matured and informed laymen and women;

c.    evangelical scholars and seminarians.

As a whole, the Commission commits itself to carry out its responsibilities with diligence, objectivity and theological balance, without being dogmatic or manipulative on uncertain issues so as not to arouse controversy or theological imperialism.

Responsibilities of the Members

1.    Study and Research: To study traditional and contemporary writings relevant to the subject matter, and pursue responsible research on topics of particular interest.

2.    Monitor and Examine: To monitor signs and happenings nationwide and worldwide, and examine their significance in the light of the Scriptures.

3.    Seek and Intercede: To prayerfully seek God for wisdom and knowledge in our work and encourage all Christians to intercede meaningfully for the body of Christ.

4.    Advocate and Network: To bring attention to the signs of the times, advocate common causes and network with groups of interest, whether Christian or non-Christian, both local and overseas.

5.    Meetings and Presentations: To attend monthly meeting for the purpose of paper presentations and discussion on current issues affecting the Church.

a.    Meeting: 3rd Saturday of the month (approximately 10 meetings in a year)

·   Absence: Absence without apologies for 3 consecutive meetings is considered as resigning from the commission.

b.    Presentation: Scripture-based research papers on topic of interest.

·   Outcome: publication and dissemination of information through various means.