National Prayer Altar Peacehaven

Dear Pastors, Elders & Churches

In the past three years, the Malaysian Churches have been blessed with visiting speakers from both Uganda and Kenya, sharing with us their spiritual journeys and have heard how God had transformed their respective nations. We were also privileged to have them giving us practical tools on how we can raise the prayer level in our respective churches, highlighting the importance to build Prayer Altars nationwide. They have now gone a step further in bringing intercessors from Uganda to walk with us for a period of 60 days and to help strengthen our 247 initiative nationwide.

FGAKL has graciously dedicated Peacehaven to be a 247 Prayer Center in the Klang Valley. This center will start operating after September 14, 2015. It will be coordinated by the Klang Valley Pastors Fellowship (KVPF) and NECF. We would want to invite churches in the Klang Valley as well as nationwide to take up the different watches in Peacehaven to cover the nation in prayer.

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Please go here for Prayer Altar Training in Peacehaven

Let us continue to intercede for our nation and bring the needed change to the spiritual atmosphere that’s hovering over us.
Thanks and God bless you.

Together in Christ

 Pr. Sam Ang Eng Hoe
Secretary General