Marriage Register

We are pleased to inform you that NECF has been granted a Marriage Register for us to serve our member churches.  All marriage solemnization will be conducted at the NECF Office.

Church members who would want to use the Marriage Register need to inform NECF office one month in advance and comply with the following:-

  1. The church they represent must be members of NECF.
  2. The couple would have gone through pre-marital counseling, and a letter of confirmation is needed from the Pastor/Leader.
  3. Signing of the register will take place at NECF office.
  4. We request for the presence of their Pastor/Leader and also their parents/ family members as witnesses.
  5. A donation will be levied to defray administrative costs.

We trust that this will give NECF the opportunity to serve the local churches, especially those who do not have a Marriage Register.