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MCCBCHST - Covert plan to convert minors into Islam is immoral, illegal and unconstitutional

Date: 10 June 2024


Covert plan to convert minors into Islam is immoral, illegal and unconstitutional


  1. The MCCBCHST refers to a video uploaded on Tik Tok which shows a individual believed to be Firdaus Wong engaging in a question and answer session with another person believed to be also a religious teacher (Malaysiakini article dated June 6, 2024 under the heading "NGO urges the authorities to probe alleged conversion of teens into Islam". Answering a question on "what to do when a Form 3 and Form 4 student wants to convert to Islam, Firdaus Wong clearly says that the student (minor) should be informally converted first through the recital of the "Kalimah Syahadah" with the conversion registration being postponed until they attain 18 years of age. He further says that there should not be any TV recording or other evidence of the conversion with the intention to keep the said conversation a secret possibly to stop parents from knowing it until it’s too late.
  2. This immoral, unconstitutional and illegal plan of converting minors into Islam is not only against the Federal Constitution fundamental liberties but also violates the basic structure of the constitution as follows:
    i) Article 12(4) provides that "for the purposes of clause (3), the religion of the person under the age of 18 years shall be decided by his/her parents or guardian. In the Federal Courts unanimous decision of Indira Gandhi A/P Mutho vs Pengarah Jabatan Islam Perah and 2 others (2018) it was held that for the conversion of minors both the minors’ parents must consent.
    Thus this immoral, illegal and unconstitutional secret conversion plan proposed by Firdaus Wong by simply uttering the "Kalimah Syahadah" is void ab-initio for non-compliance with the Federal Constitution Article 12(4) as parent consent was not obtained. In Islam, the point of conversion is upon recitation of the "Kalimah Syahadah" and not upon registration. In fact, not only the parent’s consent was not obtained, the sinister plan includes keeping the conversion a secret from parents’ knowledge.
    ii) Article 12(3) provides "no person shall be required to receive instruction in or take part in and ceremony or act of worship of a religion other that of his/her own". Thus, Firdaus Wong runs afoul of this constitutional position too. For minors, before preaching about Islam to them the approval of parents must first be obtained.
  3. Conversions of minors without informing their parents is therefore a highly immoral and illegal act. A parent will be devastated when learning of their child secret conversion. Schools are place where knowledge is imparted but if school themselves indulge in such immoral practice of converting minors, then there is no longer any safe place for our children.
  4. The MCCBCHST is appalled at this immoral and illegal plan to convert minors and over the past 10 years have been vocally raising the issue of conversion of minors but falling onto deaf ears of authorities. The MCCBCHST therefore makes a desperate call to all Member of Parliament including Federal Ministers to raise this issue in the cabinet and ensure that this immoral and sinister plan of converting minors is stopped immediately and action taken against Firdaus Wong. If one were to be converted from Islam into another faith, we can expect an immediate outcry but why not in above such cases? We are all GOD's children and please do not deny them their own parents protection whilst they are minors and please do not destroy family units!




Statement Signed by:
Dao Zhang Tan Hoe Chieow
President MCCBCHST
President – Federation of Taoist Associations Malaysia (FTAM)
Venerable Chuan Yuan
Deputy President, MCCBCHST
Asst. Dharma Propagation Officer of Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA)


Archbishop Julian Leow Beng Kim
Vice President, MCCBCHST
Honorary Treasurer – Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM)
Sardar Jagir Singh
Vice President MCCBCHST
Malaysian Gurdwaras Council (MGC)


Ganesh Babu Rao
Vice President MCCBCHST
Deputy President Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS)





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