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E-Copy Berita NECF 3/2023 

12 December 2023
E-Copy Berita NECF 3/2023 
Dear Pastors and Church Leaders,

Grace and Peace be with you
As we come to the close of year 2023, we give thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for his bountiful grace and mercies for another eventful year.
There is so much to be thankful for the way the Lord has walked with us with His unfailing love. We have seen a world that was stricken with calamities, earthquakes and pestilence. Many nations were at war with each other and these were all mentioned in Matthew 24:7-8 as the beginning of birth pains.
Malaysia, was sheltered from many of the above and our greatest concern was to understand how the church views her role with the ruling government at hand.
Having fully understood all that has happened, we are poised to look forward for an exciting year in 2024, however the church needs to stay strong. We trust that the articles in the attached NECF Berita will help you to align and seek the presence of the Lord.
Thank you for your prayer and partnership, and on behalf of NECF Leadership, we wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Joyous New Year.

Yours in Christ

Sam Ang
Secretary General

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