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CFM - Merdeka Day & Malaysia Day 2021

Description: A united Malaysia, vigilant and resilient

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CFM Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day Statement 2021

Once again, all Malaysians come together to commemorate, this time, the 64th Merdeka Day and the 58th Malaysia Day. The celebrations this year will, however, be very much subdued, yet the significance of these national dates that unite the nation should not be  ignored.

The virulent and unrelenting Covid-19 has been with us on our shores for much of 18  months now. Standing together Malaysians have not been defeated by the ravages of  this pandemic. On the other hand, it has brought us closer across all divides to bear each other’s pain and losses. We have stood with the front-liners who have put  themselves in the forefront to meet the peculiar challenges encountered. Many others have worked tirelessly to bring relief and comfort to those in need. We thank God for all  fellow Malaysians who have sacrificially rallied to the call of the times.

To control the spread of the deadly virus should be the foremost national priority, next to  offsetting the impact that it has had on our economy overall and even the personal  livelihood of many. We must be committed to be vigilant and resilient for the general well-being of all in our nation. Efforts to vaccinate the whole population must be earnestly supported.  

Christians have joined hands with people of other faith traditions and secular organisations, to bring relief, in kind and financially, to lessen the burden faced by our fellow Malaysians during this unprecedented period.  

As Churches, let us continue to extend the love of God, especially to the less fortunate, the vulnerable, the migrants, in the localities and amidst the communities we are placed in (James 1:27; Mark 12: 30-31).

Our thoughts are at this occasion also with the many who have lost their dear ones and particularly with those children who have suddenly lost both parents.

Let us continue with our personal and collective prayers to the Almighty Triune God for His intervention and mercies to alleviate the sufferings and deprivations around us, for  the blessings of His healing for all, and for the sooner restoration of relative normalcy in our lives.

Let us also uphold in our prayers our national leaders, including our new Prime Minister,  all health personnel, and governmental agencies, that they may all be guided and  protected by God.  Together let us collaborate for the common good of all Malaysians.

Selamat Hari Merdeka & Hari Malaysia



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