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Pastoral Letter on Hadi's Private Bill / 哈迪阿旺伊刑法私人法案动议牧函

20 October 2016

Dear Pastors and Leaders,

Pastoral Letter on Hadi's Private Bill
Grace and peace be with you.

There has been much talk that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s private member’s bill on Hudud will be tabled in the current Parliamentary session. Quoting from Catholic Bishop Emeritus Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing that if this bill is passed, we would have crossed the Rubicon in terms of Islamisation of Malaysia (Malaysiakini October 16)


Earlier in October 14, 2016, an open letter was issued by Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST) to Members of Parliament to vote against Hadi’s Hudud Bill. The letter highlighted that this HUDUD BILL seeks to empower States to introduce amendments empowering Syariah Courts to impose HUDUD Punishments.


It therefore Incumbent for the Church to pray and respond accordingly, as the Syariah laws would affect all non-Muslims. With the passing of the bill, it is a matter of time before dhimmitude and jizra (a tax on non-Muslims) are introduced. 

Call to pray:

  • Christians will raise the issue with their respective MPs in Parliament to voice out and oppose this bill in Parliament based on conviction that this bill infringes the rights of every citizens as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.  
  • Malaysia will continue to remain a secular state and uphold the principles of the Rukunegara with the understanding that Islam is the religion of the Federation, but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.  
  • Christians to be well informed of the current situation and pray that the corridors of power will be kept in check and reminded that Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-religious nation

We covet your urgent prayers for the wellbeing of our beloved nation.
God Bless You.


Rev Andy Chi
Assistant Secretary General   





2006年10月14日,马来西亚五大宗教咨询理事会 (MCCBCHST) 曾向国会议员们发出公开信,要求他们对哈迪的伊刑法议案投反对票。公开信突显示了这份伊刑法议案的目的是要赋予州政府权力,以修改州法律,让伊斯兰法庭有权力执行伊斯兰刑法。
 有鉴于此,教会需尽上祷告守望的责任,并适时作出回应,因为伊斯兰刑法将影响非穆斯林的事务。如果国会通过这议案,迟早我国将执行‘受保护者’(dhimmitude) 需纳‘非穆斯林人头税’(jizra)的条例。
  1. 基督徒向各选区的国会议员提出反对伊刑法议案的意愿,因这议案将违反联邦宪法赋予公民的权利。
  2. 马来西亚将继续维持世俗国的体制,维护国家原则 (Rukun Negara) ,理解伊斯兰教是联邦的宗教,但其他宗教信仰者,可以在联邦的区域内和平及和谐地履行他们的信仰。
  3. 基督徒们能通达时事, 掌权者的权力受制约,意识到马来西亚是个多元种族和宗教的国家。


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