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Commitment at the highest level: Nazarite Training for youths

Commitment at the highest level: Nazarite Training for youths


CALLING all youth pastors and workers!

How will NECF YouthNet's Nazarite Training in March 2014 be different from other youth camps or conferences?

A week long, intensive, focused, reflective and with a guided syllabus and workbook to follow, the Nazarite Training is going to go beyond the usual youth camp themes on knowing God's will, living for God, or answering a call.

The Nazarite Training aims to build character and will teach about taking commitment to the highest level, as Nazarites in the Old Testament days were enjoined to do. In a sense, every believer is a Nazarite, called to be set apart, consecrated and made holy unto the Lord. Living for God and living in His will are assumed as givens for every Christian believer, and the Nazarite Training aims to build on this by teaching youths how to live in this manner.

As a course aimed at building character, the Training will focus on the three Nazarite principles of humility, hunger and holiness. It will show young people what it means to:

  • Exercise humility at all times.
  • Understand the difference between humility and pride.
  • Understand what it means to be under spiritual authority.
  • Pursue holiness.
  • Understand how the law of love is applied.
  • Contend with the moral freedom of our times and yet pursue and maintain purity.
  • Cultivate and maintain a life-long hunger for God and a life of worship.


The Nazarite Training has big goals. The purpose of building godly character in youths is to manifest God's grace in times of moral degradation, to be "deliverers" of the people as some Nazarite judges were in Israel's time, and ultimately, to turn nations back to God. It is for the purpose of nation-building.

Nazarite Trainings have been conducted in countries around the world based on the programme developed by Pastor Jerome Ocampo from the Philippines, who is the founder of the Jesus Revolution Now!

Youth pastors and workers, get your young people to join this intensive training programme which is coming to Malaysia from 23-29 March 2014 as part of the NECF YouthNet's vision to see youths rising up to be agents of change and blessing in the nation.

Do use this video to promote the Training in your church as it explains the purpose and vision of the Nazarite Training.


And check out the programme and register at the NECF website by clicking on a thumbnail image of the poster or clicking here to register.

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