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Thank you for your support: Crisis relief update for Typhoon Haiyan

Thank you for your support: Crisis relief update for Typhoon Haiyan

NECF Malaysia's appeal for funds for the Typhoon Haiyan aftermath in the Philippines has collected RM62,000 to date.

We thank you for helping the Malaysian Church show love in action to the survivors of the typhoon which struck in early November and devastated the central Philippines. As of Dec 9, the death toll was 5,924 while 1,779 people are still missing.


The money you have donated has been sent to CREST Malaysia and the Philippines Council of Evangelical Churches.

We are pleased to report to you that CREST quickly sent three shipping containers of drinking water and other survival essentials to the Philippines on 25 November. CREST also quickly mobilised teams of Malaysian leaders working in collaboration with Philippine partners to put into effect rehabilitative and rebuilding works on the ground. A CREST team is on the ground in Cebu beginning early December to distribute essentials, help co-ordinate logistics and connect with local and international partners.

Among the work that CREST is doing there includes guiding local teams on building new toilet facilities, waste management, and shower and changing areas for Filipinos who have been displaced by the typhoon, and for crisis relief teams coming in to help. Many of the local crisis relief team members are themselves survivors of the typhoon and have lost their homes and possessions.

Funds given to CREST will continue to be used for warehousing of supplies, purchase of medicines and other essentials, rental of premises, security, rental of vehicles, fuel and other transportation costs, food and allowances for local ground workers, post-trauma outreach to children and rebuilding and rehabilitation work that is the next phase of crisis relief for 2014.

Thank you once again for responding to our appeal to help the Philippines in its hour of need!

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