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Take A Stand Against Corruption


"CANOPI's 'EXPOSED: Shining a Light on Corruption' is a call to every person serious about the Bible and about following Jesus to speak and act against corruption, not just for the evils it wreaks on society but because it has the greatest effect and consequences on those who are poor. The Bible always has a special place for the poor and we, whom the Bible calls on to speak up and judge fairly for the poor, must act against corruption and all forms of evil related to it."
Eugene Yapp, Secretary-General, NECF Malaysia

Take A Stand Against Corruption

WANT to do something different with your church, youth ministry or cell group? How about a session to tackle the issue of corruption?

In the week of 14-20 October 2013, Christians and churches will be holding vigils, meetings or a special event against corruption as part of the global EXPOSED campaign.

This global campaign against corruption aims to mobilise 100 million Christians in 100 nations who will commit to promoting ethical behaviour in business, government, the Church and society.

In Malaysia, EXPOSED is coordinated by CANOPI (the Christian Advocacy Network on Poverty Issues) and was launched here in October 2012.

Your church, or group can join forces with other churches in your area to make a public stand against corruption. Tips on how to organise your own vigil in your area can be found at CANOPI's website at




Instead of a vigil, you can also hold a special prayer meeting, prayer walk or run. Use the action kits to make your anti-corruption event more festive, with car stickers, buntings, t-shirts, videos and more. Download the toolkits in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Tamil at the CANOPI website. Publicise your event by taking and sending photos to the media, and posting them on social media channels - this is a public stand, after all!

The commitment to fight corruption must start from within. The people of God must first be holy if they are to be agents of change and blessing. Make your personal commitment to ethical living under the "Light My Heart" action through the website.

The EXPOSED resources on CANOPI's website are ideal for churches and groups to devote a session or more of their regular meeting schedules to the topic of corruption and our response as Christians. Resources in hard copy can also be obtained by calling Joyce or Keith at Malaysian Care, at 03-90582102.

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