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Tamil Commission Forges Ahead

Tamil Commission Forges Ahead

IT'S been an exciting first half of the year for the NECF Tamil Commission with a new chairman and inspiring programmes to spur Tamil churches to greater heights.

Rev Gabriel Jabanathan, the Senior Pastor of Charis Word Centre, became the commission Chairman in May. He was previously the Vice-Chairman. He succeeds Rev Simon Chandran, the Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Christian Assembly, who led the commission for eight years. Under Rev Simon, the commission was revived and played a crucial leadership role among the Tamil churches.

In May, the commission held its first conference just for Tamil pastors, their wives and children. More than 250 people were ministered to at the conference in Ayer Keroh, Malacca. Rev Benedict Rajan, Senior Pastor of Calvary City Church Johor Baru, was the speaker. He spoke on the struggles of balancing ministry and family demands and encouraged the pastors and their wives to find rest and refreshment in the Lord. It was a rare opportunity for busy pastors to spend time with their spouses and go away together for rest, recreation and spiritual nourishment.



In the months to come, the Tamil Commission is looking at the Pastors' Prayer Shield programme to teach and stir churches to pray for their pastors. Our shepherds need encouragement and protection as they minister to their flock.

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