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A Barnabas Role For The Chinese Church In Malaysia

A Barnabas Role For The Chinese Church In Malaysia

CHINESE and indigenous congregations from East Malaysia and the Peninsula held a joint prayer conference at the end of May in a powerful testimony of reconciliation and unity.

About 2,000 participants from more than 80 urban and rural churches from almost every state, including Orang Asli and Orang Asal Christians, attended the Chinese Jubilee Celebration Camp at Bukit Gambang Resort, Kuantan. Pastors and leaders from Canada, Taiwan and China were also there. Worship and services were conducted in Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia.

The camp's theme of Jubilee and reconciliation came about because of the NECF Chinese Commission's vision for the Chinese-speaking church in Malaysia to be like Barnabas, encouraging and building up other churches.

"This is the first time we are seeing such a complete Malaysian Chinese Church," said Elder Thomas Lim, the chairman of the camp organising committee who is also a member of the NECF Chinese Commission.

The commission believes that reconciliation among the ethnic groups, between pastors and marketplace leaders and between East and West Malaysia, were part of God's desire for Malaysia, Lim added.

Throughout the two nights and three days of the camp, participants also took turns to hold round-the-clock prayer sessions.

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