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A Power-packed Pastors' Kids Retreat

A Power-packed Pastors' Kids Retreat

By Tabitha Ujang and Grace Goh


AFTER two consecutive years of being held in West Malaysia, the Pastors' Kids Retreat finally hit the shores of East Malaysia, in the bustling city of Kuching! Held at One Hotel Santubong from 17- 19 December 2012, 95 pastors' kids (PKs) from all over Malaysia gathered for the retreat. A good number of PKs came from both the urban and interior areas of Sarawak, travelling many hours by longboat, bus and plane.

This camp was hosted by Pastors Roland and Evelyn Seow from FGA Melbourne, the founders of Impact Pastors Impact Nations (IPIN). The camp was organised by the Pastors' Kids Fellowship Malaysia, with the help of Pastor Greman Ujang (Christ Baptist Church, Kuching) and the Kuching Ministers Fellowship. This yearly event is endorsed by NECF Malaysia.

God's presence was tangible right from the first session to the last. Through the hosts, Pastors Roland and Evelyn, the speakers Josh Yeoh (Penang House of Prayer) and Ruth Budiman Tedjokusomo (Indonesian Praise Centre), the PKs were blessed with power-packed sessions on topics like encountering the Father's heart, personal identity, life as a PK, and trusting that God's plans are best. Session after session, God poured out His Spirit, delivering many PKs from bottled-up hurts, unforgiveness, ministry burdens and pretension. PKs discovered the beauty of being in love with Jesus and a genuine personal relationship with God. These same PKs who once served in church because of their parents, are now serving because of love for God.

It was a joy to see PKs letting their guard down, being themselves and finding friends who understood the unique pressures that they go through.

The PKs also spent a session praying for the nation together with some pastors from the Kuching Ministers Fellowship. It was a beautiful and symbolic time of prayer, not just because the PKs, who represented over 50 different churches, were standing in the gap for the nation, but also because the hearts of two different generations were united.

Every participant gave positive feedback on the retreat. It was life changing for some - issues were resolved, relationships with God were put back on track, and life purposes were discovered. For some, it was a God-given opportunity to rest and relax in His presence. And for a few, God certainly used this camp to give material blessings in the form of mini iPads and other gifts! All in all, God used this retreat to do something irreversible in everyone present. Pray that the impact of this retreat will go a long way, bringing Malaysia closer to her destiny!



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