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40-Day Fast And Prayer 2011

Description: "Be Agents of Change"

40-Day Fast And Prayer 2011

Rev Andy Chi, Prayer Executive Secretary


And now give me this mountain of which Jehovah spoke on that day. For you heard in that day how the giants were there, and that the cities were great and fortified. If Jehovah will be with me, then I will be able to drive them out, as Jehovah said. (Jos 14:12)

Giants were first mentioned in Genesis 6:4. In Hebrew they are called nephilim which means "violent" or "causing to fall". They were a race of large stature and violent tyrants that "fell on" others. They occupied the land of Canaan and were greatly feared by the inhabitants. They were formidable foes that often stood against the Lord's people.

Today, giants still exist. Unlike human giants of the past, they exist in the form of personalities, corruption, injustice, ethnic and religious politics, and power abuse. They dwell and operate through Government institutions, corporations and various sections of our society. These giants present a serious threat against our national security and unity. Even the Church is not spared. Religious issues have been used for political ends and consequently our religious rights and freedom are affected. If these giants are allowed to prevail, they would spell doom for our nation and endanger God's work.

This will be our 11th year calling for a "40 Day Fast and Pray" event for the nation. We believe prayer coupled with fasting and strategic action is the key to overthrowing these giants and liberating our nation. Although we have won some significant battles through prayer, the war is far from over. Therefore we should remain vigilant, steadfast and immovable in our faith. We must continue to stand our ground and wage this battle until all the giants have been defeated.

Our "40-Day Fast and Pray" event will begin on 7 August and conclude on 15 September. At the same time, we will be holding our 40 Day Pastors and Leaders Prayer Shield. We have set aside 7 August for the launch of the Pastors and Leaders Prayer Shield, which is also the first day of the fast. Our theme "Be Agents of Change" was chosen to continue in the direction taken by NECF with a special focus on the Seven Spheres of Influence in our nation.

We would like to invite you again to join us for another season of prayer and fasting for the wellbeing of our nation.

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