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Event Title: National 40 Days Fast & Pray
22-Jul-2009 to 30-Aug-2009 Past Event
Venue: Nationwide

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40 Days Fast & Pray
Theme: Love Our Neighbour


A Shining Light To The Nations
Coming Together to Love our Neighbours

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Malaysia as a nation enters its 52nd year of independence this year. The dynamics in the country have changed so much that Malaysia itself has become a mission field. There is so much that we can do in our very own backyard. Therefore, the theme for our 40-Day Fast & Prayer, "Love our Neighbours – A Shining Light to the Nations" has been chosen to meet the growing challenges the churches are facing.

When our Lord met the Samaritan woman, the first thing He did was not to introduce Himself and offer to help her get out of the terrible situation she was in. Instead, Jesus said, "Give me a drink" (John 4:7). Jesus asked for help to give Him something which He could have provided for Himself. He, however, became weak in order to win over this woman who was rejected and regarded as an outcast by society.

Our Lord Jesus cares for those who have been overlooked and cast aside. He is concerned about people with needs. When we open our hearts to those whom God cares, we encounter His presence. The recipients in turn will experience the change and blessings when we allow God to work through us in compassion.

The churches in Malaysia therefore need to come together in unity and in action to care and bring about change and blessings. This is how we become the salt and light to the community and nation. In today’s society, people are so distant and detached from religion and faith that they will not usually respond immediately to our witness. We need to be with them, to understand them and help them understand us.

My prayer is that while we intercede for the nation, we should humbly come together in unity of hearts and minds to seek and be sensitive to the Lord’s direction to respond to the practical needs around us. In that way, we will "let our light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven" (Matt. 5:16).

Sam Ang
NECF Malaysia Secretary-General
July 2009