Pastors Prayer Shield 2019


Dear Pastors, Elders and Church Leaders,

The coming month of October is a great opportunity for us to express our sincere love and appreciation to our spiritual leaders, i.e., church pastors and leaders who have dedicated themselves to be shepherds or overseers over God’s flock. 

Endless demands might have been placed on some of them. The amount of pressures and challenges some have to face and overcome in their present contexts might far exceed what they could bear personally. It is our belief that the holistic health and growth of a pastor/leader is not just his/her personal concern. It should also be the concern of the congregation members to collectively walk alongside with him/her, in particular, to show their support in prayers. 

Hence, the call to churches to set apart the month of October 2019 to be a month to pray and intercede for their pastors and leaders. This would involve covering their families, ministries, health and finances in prayers in order to experience tremendous breakthroughs and growth in areas where they might encounter obstacles and struggles.

Kindly download the poster, videos and commitment slips in languages to help promote the programme.

Sincerely coveting your prayer for all our pastors & leaders


Thank you and God bless you.

Rev. Andy Chi
Secretary General of NECF

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