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Transforming the Nation through the Local Church

The National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) Malaysia is a member of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Evangelical Fellowship of Asia and one of the three component bodies of the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM). Read brief history of NECF Malaysia here.

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Prayer 247@NECF

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Click here for NECF-Great Eastern Group Multiple Benefits Insurance Scheme
January 12, 2015: Love East Coast Relief Response
December 29, 2014: Love East Coast
Further to our urgent call for Unceasing Prayer on December 26, 2014, we now urge our members to rise up as our nation is experiencing the worst flood in decades. read more ...
December 27, 2014: Prayer United: A Call to Prayer - The National Flood Crisis
December 26, 2014: Urgent Call For Unceasing Prayer Over The Critical Flood Situation In The Northern Peninsular
December 8, 2014: CFM Responds to the MAIS Statement Issued During the Recent Return of the BM Bibles to the Bible Society of Malaysia
December 6, 2014: BSM: Holy Scripture Desecrated Yet Again
November 19, 2014: BSM: Release of the Seized Bibles
November 5, 2014: Religious Freedom for the Church Post-Herald
November 5, 2014: Sabah Churches Move into a New Season
November 4, 2014: Barnabas Fund
We give praise and thanks to our Lord Almighty for the generous gifts the Malaysian church has given towards the recent fund-raising NECF had through our members.
October 31, 2014: SIB Sabah: Sabah Church Wants AG to Act Against Bible Burning Threat
October 23, 2014: The Malaysia Day Prayer Celebration 2014
October 9, 2014: CFM: Christians Outraged Minister Says No Prosecution of Ibrahim Ali Over Bible-Burning Statement - Translation: Bahasa Malaysia
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