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Main COMMISSIONS / PROGRAMMES Prayer Vision and Role

  Vision and Role

NECF Malaysia Prayer Commission


To develop a strong prayer movement for revival, spiritual awakening and national transformation



- To be a catalyst for united concerted prayer
- To facilitate local and national prayer initiatives
- To empower believers, churches and prayer networks



- Organize annual 40 Day Fasting and Prayer for the Nation
- Organize annual Prayer Conferences
- Organize annual National Prayer Rally's
- Organize annual Global Day of Prayer
- Organize annual National Children's Prayer Conference
- Organize or Partner in United Concerted Prayer Initiatives
- Organize National/Regional Prayer Consultation
- Establish National Prayer Cells Initiative/Network
- Promote Pastors' Prayer Shield
- Network with other Prayer Networks
- Disseminate Monthly Prayer Alerts, News, Prayer Information and Strategies
- Provide Materials, Teaching, Training or Mentoring in Prayer, Intercession, Spiritual Mapping, 27/7, Prayer Towers, etc
- Establish Regional Prayer Towers and 24/7

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