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NECF YouthNet Commission

Mission Statement

The NECF YouthNet was formed to provide a platform for interactions between Youth Ministries; serve churches in the growth needs of their youth fellowships or youth groups; research on issues related to working with youths and represent Christian Youth Ministries in engagements with the government.

"Serving Youth Ministries,
  Blessing the Nation"



Youth Report

Spiritual State of the World's Children : Malaysia
A Qualitative Study - English Speaking Youth Report (August 2010) by OneHope-Asia Pacific & NECF Malaysia
Download full report in PDF.


Reports of other language groups (PDF)


  • Serving churches
  • Serving Youth Pastors & Leaders
  • Serving the Nation


  1. Providing a platform or forum for interactions between Youth Ministries.
    • foster mutual understanding and encouragement
    • praying together
  2. Serving churches in the growth needs of their youth fellowships/groups.
    • "consultants" to the churches
    • resource center and materials
  3. Researching on issues related to working with youths.
    • identify issues
    • facilitate discussions
  4. Representing Christian Youth Ministries in engagement with the Government.
    • education system, national service, etc
    • social problems, etc




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