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Post GE15 Pastoral Letter

28 November 2022
Post GE15 Pastoral Letter

Good morning. It does feel like a new day, a new beginning and a new season - and there is a sense of expectancy. We have much to be grateful and thankful for. Nevertheless, let us be cognizant that there is much work ahead in Malaysia.

As the dust settles post GE15 and after the appointment of our 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia, allow me to share some thoughts on how we the Church should conduct ourselves, exercising dignity and orderliness at the dawn of a new day.

Remembering that there are Christians from both sides of the political divide, let us mutually respect our different persuasions. At all times, the Church must remain nonpartisan towards any political party.

This is because, our values must remain biblically rooted, not politically biased or subjective. Considering our call to be peacemakers, we should refrain from parroting everything our favourite political team touts.

While we cheer and support the winners in this election, let us be wise on the social media. Exercise discretion and self-control by not forwarding everything we receive, even if that text comes with the caveat “forwarded as received”.

Consider that references we make to the spiritual world could be easily misunderstood by unbelievers who have no biblical context or point of reference. Remain wise and don’t be drawn into being part of any unkind and divisive propaganda.

Let us be a prophetic people who speak only because we have spent time before the throne room with our God and have heard from Him.

Reflecting on last week’s events where we experienced a hung Parliament and witnessed numerous political manoeuvring, I believe God allowed it for our own good. Many issues were brought to the fore in the ensuing tension-filled days, making us aware of the complexities of a parliamentary democracy tainted by marginalization for decades.

His Majesty The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah was in the spotlight as he called for a unity government to move the country forward. This is perhaps the most significant outcome arising from this election. What transpired has forced the members of parliament from various political parties to now work together in forming the new government.

This message from the Agong transcends politics and the Church is not exempt. There is no time to waste. It is time to stop bickering, quarrelling, politicizing every issue, making police reports and arguing over unfounded accusations.

Let us be mature enough to engage with one another, extend the olive branch and allow space for differing opinions. We can still remain as friends.

The dream for a great nation has begun.

The Church must not slack and not forget to pray continually. It is going to take many years of toil together to make Malaysia great again - a robust education system, a budget that cares for all people groups, all leakages plugged, stemming of the brain drain, and the implementation of all-inclusive policies regardless of race and religion. We need to aspire for the promotion of a truly multi-religious multiracial society with room for everyone.

Let us continue to pray for our country, for the new government and upcoming Cabinet, that they will do the right thing, exercise maturity and govern in a godly manner for the good of all. Pray also for the Opposition that they will seek ways to work with the new government for a better Malaysia.

Our priority as a Church is the wellbeing of all Malaysians. Avoid seeking gain on the religious front. This applies to all peoples of all faith, the Church included.

All manner of bigotry, racial and religious, must be rejected.

As pastors, we are called to shepherd the Church. May I venture to suggest, it’s time we shepherd the nation as well. Care for the nation. Encourage our people to return, and invest in Malaysia. With eyes of faith, speak peace and prosperity over the land. Engage with leaders of other faiths. Extend our hand of friendship across political lines.

The Malaysian Church must embrace the “7 mountain” vision, if we are to move forward. Our goal is not to help any particular coalition win the next election. Instead, we ought to join hands with all to rebuild Malaysia into a progressive and cohesive country that every Malaysian would be proud to call "home."

There is much to be done together.

God bless you. God bless Malaysia!

Eu Hong Seng,

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