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[NECF] An Urgent Invitation to Fast and Pray For Our Nation

An Urgent Invitation to Fast and Pray For Our Nation

If ever there was a time that we should be urgently seeking for the Holy Spirit’s power, for God’s intervention, His wisdom, healing and deliverance, it is now. Our world is in crisis...our nation has a crisis!


The COVID-19 pandemic is one that requires us to be on our knees interceding before the throne of grace. Reports that were communicated raised an alarming fact that our medical facilities are not able to cope with the increasing cases each day, and our frontliners are struggling to cope with the incoming cases. 


NECF is asking all our Churches to unite in prayer for:
1. The Lord’s divine intervention and bring healing to Malaysia
2. Wisdom for the nation’s leaders to find measures and practical solutions to contain the pandemic
3. The rakyat to stay safe, stay at home and be proactive to curb the spread of the disease.


Please communicate this urgent call to all your members, as the nation needs all of us in intercession to see our nation through this crisis. 

Please use every means, at every gathering and Weekend Services to pray. 


Our cry is to be “Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon our nation, protect, heal and restore us, Father.”

* Look out for our 7 Days of Fast and Prayer, 18th- 24th Jan


Pr Samuel Ang
NECF Secretary-General


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