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Prayer United: A Call to Prayer - The National Flood Crisis


27 DECEMBER 2014


Dear Friends,

This is the Christmas season and many of us have been blessed with much joy and the celebrations of the occasion. We thank God for sending Jesus Christ to us as the Saviour and Lord of the world! At the same time, we cannot forget what the rain and floods are doing to our nation and our people right now.


The latest reports in the papers and social media today tell us that the rain and flooding havebeen one of the worst in years. Over 100,000 people have had to be evacuated. It is not just the East Coast states that have been affected, but many parts inland on the West Coast as well.

Many places like Kuala Krai and Gua Musang in Kelantan are under several feet of water. The roads to Kuala Lipis have all been cut off by flood waters. Many dams in Peninsular Malaysia are full and in danger of overflowing. If that happens, the flooding will certainly worsen in areas below these dams. And, the Meteorological Department warns us that more rain can be expected in the West Coast.

Let us all mobilise our churches and prayer groups to pray for the country at such a time as this. Things that we should specifically pray for include:

  1. That the Federal government and the agencies involved for rescue flood relief will act promptly and effectively to do what they are responsible for. It is good that there are now calls in the media to "Lupakan politik tak matang, mangsa banjir lagi penting"! Pray therefore for the success of these efforts and the safety of all involved;
  2. That Malaysian Christians and churches will do whatever we can now to help alleviate the suffering of those affected, and be prepared to contribute what is needed to help with the reconstruction of affected parts of the country following the floods. But there are those who need immediate assistance, including churches affected. All these will require not only our prayers but also finances and, in some cases, personal involvement as well;
  3. That God in His mercy will restrain the rains, and will turn back the destructive power of the floods; and that through all that is happening, His good and loving purposes for Malaysia will be worked out in His own perfect way;
  4. That as we have begun the 24/7 prayer efforts for our nation, let us continue and persevere in prayer for the well-being of Malaysia and her people.

Please join us in prayer for the nation!

Sincerely in Christ,
PU Secretariat


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