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24-7@NECF - A Call to Nationwide 24-7 Prayer

18th September, 2014


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The Call

Our nation is going through a time of travail and turmoil. The struggles for a better Malaysia is intense due to the many disturbing and unsettling trends. In the face of these circumstances, Christians as the people of God must rise up as a people of hope. We must turn our hearts and mind to the Lord in repentance for the many sins the Church has contributed to the state of this nation. The scriptural injunction in 2 Chronicles 7:14 comes to mind and we need to be constantly reminded to turn our faces to the Lord and seek Him earnestly as we petition our Lord to heal our land.

It is in this vein that NECF and CCM, together with our associate partners under the platform of Prayer United are calling on all churches to soak our nation in prayer to seek the Lord for repentance and calling on the name of the Lord for revival and restoration. The time is NOW and the need is to give passionate commitment to provide a prayer shield of 24/7 for this nation. The commitment is two (2) years and NECF being partner in the Prayer United is calling on or member churches to be part of this effort and discipline before the Lord for the sake of our nation and the kingdom of God. This nationwide prayer initiative will have a soft launch beginning from September 16, 2014, ending on September 15, 2016.

We would urge all our member churches to participate in this national prayer initiative to envelop the whole nation in prayer. Further to this, we will also be mobilising greater awareness and training for churches how they can set their own city/church 24/7 prayer altar.

Do bring this matter to the Lord and give it serious thought and consideration to participate with us and the wider body of Christ in this critical and urgent initiative for our nation and unto our Lord.


Your Commitment

Follow this link for group commitment

Follow this link for individual commitment

Follow this link to view available slots for individual commitment



Kindly feel free to send any feedback, word, vision, info or testimony received by your members to





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