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Prayer United: Islamic Authorities Raid on the Bible Society of Malaysia

Prayer United

Announcement to the Churches

6 January 2014


Islamic Authorities Raid on the Bible Society of Malaysia
A National Call To Prayer


In view of the serious developments subsequent to the recent raid by the Islamic authorities of the state of Selangor (JAIS) on the Bible Society of Malaysia, where sixteen boxes of Alkitab and Bup Kudus Bibles were confiscated, PU is calling all Christians and churches to come together in concerted and vigilant prayer for the following:

1. Uphold the church leaders in prayer. Pray for unity, wisdom, courage and strength as they work towards resolving this matter with the authorities, and in their exercise of God's call to leadership in the Malaysian Church at such critical times.

2. Pray for the national leaders, the government and relevant authorities involved in dealing with the delicate race and religious issues. Pray that they will discharge their duties responsibly, with integrity, justice, and a genuine concern for the well-being of the nation.

3. Pray for the police that they would be fair and just, properly upholding law and order. Pray that the police will protect and defend the rights of minorities in this country, and not be compromised by those who are seeking to use the law improperly for their own agenda. Pray that they will always act to ensure the safety and security of church members and the sanctity of all places of worship.

4. Pray for the Church to be strong in the face of systematic pressure, intimidation and orchestrated attacks. Pray that Christians in this country will continue to be a peace-loving people who will not allow themselves to be easily provoked but actively seek to be agents of peace and reconciliation instead, committed to loving those who treat them unjustly.

5. In the words of the CFM Media Statement, pray that "all Christians will be vigilant, both in standing up for their constitutional rights and in prayer, and remain calm in the midst of these trying times. We call on Almighty God for good sense and wisdom to ultimately prevail in this beloved land of ours."

6. Finally, please uphold the Catholic Church's leave to appeal which will be heard by the Federal Court on Feb 24, 2014. Pray also for the Jill Ireland Lawrence Bill and the SIB Sabah cases which are also up for mention in the High Court.


Joint secretaries ~
Rev Andy Chi (NECF)
Chrisanne Chin (CCM)


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