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Praying "Thy Kingdom Come" - launch of the 40-Day Fast and Prayer

Praying "Thy Kingdom Come" - launch of the 40-Day Fast and Prayer

THY KINGDOM COME. This prayer that Jesus prayed is the theme of the 2013 40-Day Fast and Prayer which began on 7 August.

Helping us to understand how this theme can impact our prayers for the nation are Pastor Dr Chew Weng Chee of SIB KL and Rev Esther Kong of GA611 Bread of Life Centre. They spoke at the launching of the fast and prayer on 31 July which was held simultaneously in FGA KL and GA611. Here are some gleanings from their inspiring sermons:


Rev Esther Kong: How is God's Kingdom going to come?

Praying in groups at the launch at GA611

Only the Spirit of God can open our eyes to the sin upon our land and move our hearts to action. Ezekiel 36: 17 notes how the people of Israel defiled their own land through their conduct and actions. It took Ezekiel, a man of God, to recognise their sin and proclaim the Lord's judgement. Likewise, we need to ask the Spirit of God to help us pray with focus and direction.

United in prayer

The eyes of the Church in Malaysia need to open before we can gain Ezekiel's discernment. We are reminded to:

  • Return to the Word, reading it voraciously so that we can discern truth from deceit.
  • Repent, by acknowledging our sins and turning away from selfish ways.
  • Be humble in prayer.
  • "Map" the strongholds in our nation through research and study, keeping abreast of current issues and understanding their significance to the nation.
  • Be faithful in evangelism, constantly proclaiming the Gospel of salvation.
  • Stay united in line with Ephesians 4: 3, "Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace".

God looks for vessels that can be used by Him - people who love Him and who love the nation as well. Be the vessel that makes God's Kingdom a reality on earth!


Pr Chew at the launch at FGA KL

Pastor Dr Chew Weng Chee: How to advance God's Kingdom to overcome darkness in a nation.

Drawing from the life of Jehu in 2 Kings 9, Pastor Chew spoke on five points that churches and Christians can adopt for effective prayer and action:

  • Focus - As Jehu rode his chariot "like a maniac" (vs 20), so the Church must ride furiously with only one focus during this 40-day fast and prayer - God and His will for the nation.
  • Repentance - Jehu told each of King Joram's horsemen who rode up to him to "Fall in behind me". We need to pray for this kind of turn-around in the allegiance of Malaysia's people, to "fall in behind" truth and righteousness.
  • Wisdom and discernment - With each of the enemy horsemen who asked "Do you come in peace?", Jehu was able to discern the falsehood behind their request. An invitation to peace is often an invitation to compromise. Jehu knew, as he later told Joram in vs 22, that there could never be peace "as long as all the idolatry and witchcraft of your mother Jezebel abound".
  • Speak boldly - When Jehu shouted in vs 32 "Who is on my side?", those who responded were the eunuchs. These emasculated men were ultimately the ones who killed Jezebel. The Church must sound the war cry and be prepared for God to move not through the strong and mighty, but the small, weak and unlikely.
  • Empower the young - The prophet who anointed Jehu as Israel's new King was not Elisha, but a young, unnamed prophet (vs 4). Is the Church equipping its young and letting them rise to lead?


Pr Chew at the launch at FGA KL

What does the story of Jehu have to do with praying "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done?" What does 2 Kings 9 have to do with our prayers for Malaysia?

As Pastor Chew noted, this chapter records the defining moment in Israel's history when Jezebel and Ahab's reign of evil over Israel was finally broken. Ahab was already dead, but Jezebel had been the power behind his throne and his son Joram's. Jehu, aided by a handful of eunuchs, were God's instruments to bring Jezebel's downfall. Can the larger, urban, resource-rich churches be like Jehu to lead and partner the smaller, rural churches in bringing about Kingdom transformation?




The crowd at FGA KL


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