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NECF 40-Day Fast & Prayer 2012
Hope of Jubilee

7th August to 15th September, 2012

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Hope of Jubilee / Malaysia Day Prayer Venues

State Location Host (Contact) Date & Time
Perlis Kuala Perlis Praise Centre PF (012 4771956) 16/9 - 7pm
Alor Setar Wesley Methodist Church PF (012 5070772) 16/9 - 7pm
S. Perai/Kulim FGA Centre PF (012 4713291) 12/9 - 8pm
Penang Holy Spirit Catholic Church PF (016 4364023) 16/9 - 7pm
Setiawan Chinese Methodist Church PF (012 5618543) 16/9 - 7pm
Ipoh Tamil Methodist Buntong PF (012 5006500) 16/9 - 7pm
Klang Valley Kingdom of Glory 112 Church PF (0193581927) 14/9 - 8pm
  Stadium Melawati Shah Alam CCM (012 2376102) 16/9 - 3pm
  Klang Chinese Methodist Church PF (0129163263) 16/9 - 7pm
  Full Gospel Tabernacle USJ NECF (012 4981081) 16/9 - 7pm
Port Dickson Gereja Presbyterian PD GPPD (012 2971531) 16/9 - 7pm
Malacca Padang Pahlawan PF (019 6266804) 16/9 - 6.30pm
Muar Calvary Life Assembly PF (016 3303123) 14/9 - 8pm
  Gereja Emmanuel Muar GEM (012 9779309) 16/9 - 7pm
Kluang Herald Church PF (019 7576989) 16/9 - 7pm
Johor Pusat Kebajikan Calvary PF (016 7336622) 16/9 - 6pm
Kuantan Tamil Methodist Church PF (012 9520760) 16/9 - 7pm
Kuala Lipis Center Point Hotel PF (012 9872728) 16/9 - 7pm
Bentong Grace Community Centre JM (0122081150) 16/9 - 6pm
Raub Raub AOG PF (013 9023110) 16/9 - 7pm
Mentakab Immanuel AOG PF (012 9541218) 16/9 - 5pm
Cameron All Souls Anglican PF (016 6080790) 15/9 - 7pm
K Terengganu Lifeline AOG PF (012 9637842) 16/9 - 7pm
Kota Bahru Christian Praise Centre PF (013 9380950) 16/9 - 7pm
Kuching Trinity Methodist Church PF (013 8165677) 16/9 - 7pm
Sibu Sing Fu Yuan Methodist Ch ACS (013 8315992) 17/9 - 8am
Bintulu BEM Bandar Bintulu SIB (019 8443796) 12/9 - 8pm
  Gloria Methodist Church ACS (019 8443796) 14/9 - 7.30pm
Miri SIB Canada Hill ACS (013 8425031) 16/9 - 7.30pm
Kota Kinabalu Likas Stadium PF (016 8308785) 16/9 - 4pm
Sandakan St Michael’s Church PF (013 8847477) 17/9 - 7pm
Kampar Hope Kampar HK & CGBC (012 3697515) 12/9 - 8.30pm
Tawau Calvary City Church Tawau 016 4153351 16/9 - 5.45pm



23 August 2012

Suggested Program for the Hope of Jubilee Celebration on September 16

Below are resources for your local church and suggested program for the Hope of Jubilee Celebration on September 16.

  1. Suggested Program for Sept 16
  2. Celebration Program Powerpoint (PPT)
  3. Celebration Prayer Points
  4. Celebration Prayer Slides (PPT - 25MB)
  5. Hope of Jubilee Celebration Flyer/Poster template (PDF)
  6. Video: He Has Announted Me - Hope of Jubilee (FLV 360p - 15MB)
  7. Jubilee Malaysia Song
    a. Recorded Song (MP3 - 5.5MB)
    b. Music Score & Lyrics
    c. Music Video with Lyrics (from YouTube)
  8. Notes for Malaysia's Jubilee Celebration
  9. "Negaraku" video from Youtube
  10. Sounding a Shofar for Malaysia Jubilee 2012 - Yemenite shofar | Yericho shofar | Azkenazi shofar
  11. Declaration - Word file | Powerpoint slides
  12. Pengisythiran Tahun Jubili


27 July 2012

Hope of Jubilee prayer booklet

NECF Malaysia apologises for the graphic oversight in the design of the 40-Day Fast & Prayer Hope of Jubilee booklet. The map of Malaysia on the cover inaccurately shows the Peninsula as disproportionately larger than East Malaysia. We apologise for any ill-feelings caused to East Malaysian brothers and sisters. The mistake was unintentional and we are taking steps to rectify the versions published online.


3 July 2012

Dear Coordinator/Pastor/Elder/Prayer Leader/Partner,

Suggested Program for 40-Day Fast & Pray Launch

As we enter into the month of July, different states, cities, towns and churches will be preparing for their local launches of the annual 40-Day Fast & Pray campaign which will start on 7 August and last till 15 September.

To aid you in your local launch, we have prepared the following downloadable resources:

  1. Suggested Launch Program
  2. Jubilee Malaysia Song
    a. Recorded Song (MP3 - 5.5MB)
    b. Music Score & Lyrics
  3. Launch Video (FLV 360p - 18MB)
  4. Prayer Points
  5. Launch PPT
  6. Notes for Malaysia's Jubilee Celebration


Prophetic Intercession - We have invited Pastor Julius Suubi to speak at our Pastors and Prayer Leaders Retreat in Peacehaven, from 13 - 14 September as well as at our Prayer Seminar at FGT USJ on 15 September. The next day, on 16 September, he will speak at the Klang Valley Hope of Jubilee Celebration, also at FGT USJ. Pastor Julius' ministry is widely received here in the Klang Valley and has impacted the prayer lives of many pastors and churches.

Finally, our prayer booklets are still available for order. If your Church has yet to order the prayer booklets, kindly download the order form and send it to us. For further inquiries, kindly contact Rev Andy Chi at 016 2030561 or write to prayer@necf.org.my.

Thank you again for your participation and support. God bless you.

Rev Chan Theam Lai
Secretary General
NECF Malaysia


March 27, 2012

Dear Pastors, Elders & Church Leaders,

2012 Hope of Jubilee 40-Day Fast & Pray Booklet

Greetings in Jesus’ Name.

We are pleased to inform that NECF has started printing the 12th Edition of the 40-Day Fast & Prayer booklet. This year the theme will be ‘Hope of Jubilee’. Malaysia on September 16, 2012 will enter into her 50th Jubilee year, as a nation. Jubilee as understood in the Bible presents to us a national promise and hope of restoration, liberty and rest.

As Christians, this is our longing and desire for our nation. We will together seek God again from August 7th to September 15th, to pray that as our nation ushers into Jubilee, we will witness God’s destiny for Malaysia.

Kindly download and fill in this order form for your prayer booklets and fax/mail it to us for processing and delivery.

Looking forward to see God at work in our beloved nation.


Serving you with joy

Rev Chan Theam Lai
NECF Malaysia


February 23, 2012

40-Day Fast & Prayer on Jubilee

A key event in the NECF calendar is the 40-Day Fast and Prayer in August and September which culminates in the Malaysia Day Prayer Rally. This year, in line with NECF's emphasis on 2012 as Malaysia's Jubilee, the theme for the 40-Day Fast and Prayer is "Hope of Jubilee: Restoration, Liberation, Rest".

Why this theme? In the Bible, Jubilee is the year for national restoration, liberty and rest. It is God's desire for every nation and individual to experience Jubilee. The article 'The Year of Jubilee in the New Testament' on page 10 is a helpful read to give us the context of Jubilee in this day and age.

On the national level, Malaysia enters her 50th year as a nation on 16 Sept 2012, the anniversary of the date when the Malay Federation and the sovereign states of Sabah and Sarawak (and Singapore, until 1965) came together as one nation.

Christian leaders in Sabah, Sarawak and West Malaysia have grasped the spiritual significance of Malaysia Day in 2012 and see a correspondence between Jubilee and the Malaysian Church's desire for national transformation.

The 40 Days of Fast and Prayer will continue the Church's cry for transformation and nation-building with the Jubilee framework in mind.

It is also a platform to educate Christians about the importance of building up the Bahasa Malaysia-speaking native congregations of Sabah and Sarawak which, combined, form more than 60% of the country's Christian population. (See article The Significance of Sabah and Sarawak for Malaysian Christians.)

Through Jubilee, may the churches of East and West Malaysia be united in purpose, and through prayer, may the Church of Malaysia realign herself and the nation with God!

The 40-Day Fast and Prayer will be held from 7 Aug to 15 Sept 2012. Prayer rallies in different languages will be held on 15 and 16 Sept in conjunction with Malaysia Day. Prayer booklets can be ordered from NECF from April.