NECF 40-Day Fast & Prayer 2011

Be Agents Of Change
7th August to 15th September, 2011

Malaysia Day Prayer Rally - September 15, 2011 (Thursday) at GA611, PJ


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For prayer reference: The 18/20-points of Agreements for Sarawak and Sabah while joining Malaya




April, 2011

Dear Pastor/Elder/Leader

40-Day Fast & Prayer 2011 Booklet

We are pleased to inform our 40-Day Fast & Prayer booklet is ready for order. This will be our 11th edition and this year's theme is "Be Agents of Change". Each booklet is sold at RM1.80 (excluding postage) and comes in the four main languages. There is also the children's edition in English and Chinese. The Bahasa edition will only be available in soft copy. It can be downloaded from our website.

To place an order please download and fill the order form. Kindly return your order form and payment as soon as possible that we may deliver your orders early.

Thank you for your continual support and participation in our annual 40-Day Fast & Prayer initiative. We are confident that through our unceasing united prayer and intercession, this nation will enter into her God appointed destiny.

God bless you.

In Christ,
Samuel Ang