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Event Title: 40-Day Fast & Prayer
07-Aug-2020 to 15-Sep-2020 Past Event
Theme: Hearing The Spirit for The Times We Live In (Revelation 2-3)

The 40-Days Fast & Prayer 2020 booklet is available for Download:

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Dear Pastors, Elders & Church Leaders

Greetings in Jesus’ Name!

As you are aware, we are now in our 34th day under the Movement Control Order. We were introduced into this new decade with the Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc and resulting in an unprecedented global disruption affecting the entire global economy and billions of human lives. Close to 2.5 million people from 210 countries have been tested positive for Covid-19, resulting in 165,058 recorded deaths so far. Of the total, 617,013 people made full recovery. 

This pandemic has also disrupted and shut down churches and ministries around the world. To contain and break the cycle of infections, mass gatherings were banned, social distancing enforced and people were told to stay at home. As a result, churches had to turn to the internet to minister to their flocks. For the first time ever in modern church history, Good Friday and Easter were globally observed and celebrated in homes. 

How long will this pandemic be and what impact it will leave behind is something none of us knows exactly. We are in uncharted waters; living and adapting to the situation day by day. What we do know are the serious challenges and impact left by the pandemic which calls for discernment and prayers on our part. Thus, it is appropriate that the theme chosen for this year’s 40-Day Fast and Prayer is Hearing The Spirit For The Times We Are Living In (Rev 2 & 3). This event will commence on 7 August and end on 15 September. At a time such as this, we need the Spirit’s leading to guide us as we pray for our nation and world. 

In adapting to the increased usage of the social media and internet via smartphones and laptops/notebooks as a result of the pandemic, we will be making available our prayer booklet and its daily reading online. This will be posted on our website, Facebook page as well as through email and WhatsApp.

Hardcopies will still be printed but at lower volume to cater for those in areas where there is minimal or no internet connection. Kindly place your orders using the order form and sending it as soon as possible via WhatsApp or email in order to ensure availability of stock and fast delivery. 

God bless you,

Rev Andy Chi

The 40-Days Fast & Prayer 2020 booklet is available for ORDER: