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Dear Pastors, Leaders, Friends, 

Greetings! Yesterday marked 40 days of the NECF initiated devotions that have been posted to you daily. These have been intended as an encouragement and help for us to realign and reposition ourselves, finding our anchor in God as we look towards the future that is before us. It was also intended to be in many ways a prophetic voice in our current challenges.

In times like this, we need to hear God’s voice clearly and afresh - not just as leaders and individuals, but for all God’s people throughout the country. The devotions have therefore been prophetic, pastoral, devotional and practical.

As the collective effort of NECF to bring direction and encouragement to the Church of Malaysia, individual contributors have remained anonymous. I would, however, like to acknowledge the main contributors from our Executive Council, namely      Rev Dr Eu Hong Seng, Rev Ong Sek Leang, Dr Khoo Kay Hup, Pastor Sam Ang Eng Hoe and Pastor Chomy Ching Choon Mee. My role has also been one of author and co-editor, preparing the theme with Rev Dr Hong Seng, as well as task master. 

We have had contributions also from Rev Andy Chi and Rev Daniel Loh, along with two others not from the EXCO (one devotion each), Pastor Dr Daniel Ho and  Pastor Benedict Rajan from Johor. 

Moving forward in May, our devotional theme has been enlarged by the Council, with a few of us increasing our contributions. One or two individuals outside the Council may be also be invited to contribute.

In Joshua 4, we read the account of the Israelites having crossed the Jordan River. The Promised Land is now before them, embodying the promise of God’s amazing provision, blessing and prophetic destiny; yet remains unchartered territory. Whatever their fears and aversions to uncertainty might be, the Israelites must enter to take it. 

As we have entered the 4th. phase of the MCO, what can we expect? Having crossed unprecedented events, we must now look ahead and actively engage to take hold of all God have been leading us to. We cannot live in the past. We cannot look back to old ways of thinking and doing. In this “new normal”, we need to remain alert to God’s voice, seeking Him to direct our hearts and minds. God speaks, as always, to His people. The question is: are we listening?

As you continue to receive devotions for the month of May, I encourage you to share the insightful, prophetic and pastoral prompts with other leaders and your congregations. We will continue with the theme of ‘YOU HAVE NOT BEEN THIS WAY BEFORE” but adding on the sub theme of “Revival”- and what it would entail for the Church to see a move of God in our land.

In the following post is Rev Dr Eu Hong Seng’s prophetic and pastoral devotion to help attune our ears to God’s Word and the season that is dawning upon us. He is our loving, faithful Father. Let us completely entrust our next steps to Him.  

Rev Elisha Satvinder, 
Honorary Secretary NECF


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