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22 April 2019 
Pastors, Elders and Church Leaders

Yesterday, on 21 April 2019, Sri Lanka came under multiple terror attacks. Eight buildings were bombed out of which three were churches.
Believers and their families had gathered together to commemorate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. What was meant to be a celebration turned into a bloody carnage and chaos when bombs were detonated while their services were in progress.
The bombings in Sri Lanka left 290 killed, 500 injured (as at time of reporting) and untold damages. The majority of the victims were from the bombed churches and many were women and children.
NECF is deeply horrified and condemns this brutal and sacrilegious attack on innocent and defenseless worshippers gathered peacefully to observe the Easter Sunday Celebration.
We also stand together in solidarity with our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters in their grief, and pray that the Father’s comfort and healing will be upon all who have suffered loss or injury due to this attack.
NECF is setting up the “Aid for Sri Lanka Victims Fund” to help the affected churches and victims. All cheques should be made payable to NATIONAL EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP and earmarked accordingly. Direct bank transfer can be made to our Public Bank Account No 307 897 2807. (Important: We need your bank-in slip to confirm your contribution. Please send your bank-in slip to email:, Fax: 03-7729 1139 or WhatsApp: 012 226 6210)
All funds will be channeled through the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka and any cooperating agencies involved in the restoration and reconstruction work.
NECF is blessed to have many generous members and this would no doubt be another opportunity for all to showcase their kindness and compassion.
May our good Lord help us rise up to be a blessing to the suffering Church in Sri Lanka in this Easter season.

Thank you and God bless you.
Rev Andy Chi
Secretary General

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