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Other News & Events...

Pre-School Project for Jehai Kids


Book Review

Title: Reaching an unreached people group: The Jehai of the Temenggor Forest
Author: Dr Paul C.Y. Chen
Review by Elder Doraisingam Manikam, FGA KL Missions Director

What does it take to reach an unreached people group? Conceptually, it would take cross-cultural evangelism and church planting. One would not escape the fact that cross-cultural evangelism is only a partner in the overall Christian mission.

In the context of the Kingdom of God, it is never accomplished in isolation from the other basic needs of the people. Reaching the unreached takes into serious account the pressing needs of the people, whether it is food security, health care, educational opportunity and physical safety.

Reaching the Jehai at the Temenggor Forest captures the correct approach in seeing people within a holistic framework of kingdom thinking.

The Jehai is one of the six ethnic Negrito groups of the Orang Asli cluster. The work among the Jehai is remarkable because it has emerged out of a holistic framework of kingdom thinking.

Dr Paul Chen has infused in the framework the cultural understanding of the people along with their health, economic, educational and spiritual needs.

Lest one thinks that this framework is merely a conceptual one, Paul demonstrates that this framework is filled with love, kindness, patience, wisdom and tenacity.

It is an exciting story of a people's journey towards faith in Jesus Christ. This is a significant contribution to the missions in Malaysia. It is highly recommended for every local student in missions.

Dr Paul Chen was Professor of Preventive Medicine in the University of Malaya and Professor of Community Medicine in the International Medical University Kuala Lumpur. He has served in the World Health Organisation in South-east Asia as head of its programmes in Papua New Guinea.

His book is available at Christian bookstores at RM20 each.


As part of the NECF Malaysia Nation-Building Agenda, NECF is helping to support a pre-school project spearheaded by Dr Paul Chen at Kg Cuweh in the Temenggor Forest in Perak near the Thai border.

Dr Chen, a medical doctor, is the senior pastor of River of Life Sanctuary, Puchong, Selangor.

NECF’s monetary contribution of over RM16,000 for two years, to be reviewed thereafter, goes towards the salaries of a teacher and a helper.


Special Insurance Deal for NECF members

NECF Malaysia-Great Eastern Group Multiple Benefits Insurance Scheme

In 2005, the NECF Foundation initiated a group insurance scheme, called the NECF-Great Eastern Group Insurance Scheme. Underwritten by Great Eastern (GE), the scheme is for church members and full-time workers - and extended to their family members - who are working at or attending churches and para-church organisations which are members of NECF Malaysia.

GE gives back to NECF two percent of the premium collected and the money is used to help subsidise the premium of full-time workers who cannot afford to pay the full premium. Currently, NECF is helping to subsidise the yearly premium payments of 394 East Malaysian full-time workers.

From May 1 to May 17, NECF and GE are running a special promotion for eligible participants whereby those who sign up will enjoy free underwriting. This means they need not go through the required medical check-up.

Under the scheme, participants will enjoy the following benefits for a premium of RM30 per month:

  • Critical illness coverage of RM30,000 or
  • Natural death coverage of RM30,000 or
  • Accidental death of RM60,000 or
  • Total permanent disability (due to illness) of RM30,000 or
  • Total permanent disability (due to accident) of RM60,000
  • Bereavement (death claim) of RM2,000
  • Maturity benefits at age 65 if there has been no claim

The maximum amount that can be taken under this special promotion is RM50 per month. The maximum amount that can be taken under this scheme (inclusive of such group schemes with GE) is RM250 per month.

Participants must be below 55 years of age. In order to enjoy the free underwriting service, GE requires a minimum participation of 200 members for this special promotion.

For further information, contact Laura Chong's GE Agency at:
Office: 03-4294 7673 (Vivian)
Lawrence: 019-338 2687
Laura: 013-336 7088
Sharon: 012-659 6216


Get the "Jesus Film" in Hakka, Urdu or other alien languages

Have you tried reaching out to someone who speaks a dialect that is completely alien to you?

Perhaps you've tried sharing the gospel with the foreign workers you meet daily such as the Myanmarese workers in the coffee-shop or the Nepali guards in your neighbourhood?

Feeling handicapped? Here comes help. The Malaysian Campus Crusade for Christ (MCCC) now stocks the "Jesus Film" in several local dialects and foreign languages as follows:
- Cantonese
- FooChow
- Hakka
- Teochew
- Burmese (Myanmarese)
- Hindi
- Nepali
- Urdu
- Vietnamese
- Others

Churches are advised to make bulk purchases of the video discs. Contact the MCCC office at (tel.) 03-7956 3610 (tel.) or (e-mail)


Global Day of Prayer

Date: May 23 (Sunday)
Venue: Shah Alam Melawati Stadium

GDOP turns 10 this year and to celebrate this milestone, GDOP Malaysia has booked a stadium to gather over 10,000 Malaysian Christians.

Come and join more than 250 million believers from over 200 countries to pray for our nation and the world at this event.

Admission is free but you need a ticket to get in. To date, more than 11,300 of the 12,000 tickets have been taken up by churches. Contact your church to get hold of your ticket or call the NECF office.

Come and pray together in desperation and in expectation that the earth (including Malaysia) will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea!

GDOP is an annual worldwide prayer event which started in 2000 at Cape Town, South Africa. In 2005, some 200 million believers from 156 nations united for the first GDOP.

The gathering took place on Pentecost Sunday and the pattern was thus set that every Pentecost Sunday, Christians worldwide would gather to pray for their nations and the world.

The Malaysian Church joined the GDOP movement in 2006 when the NECF Malaysia Prayer Commission hosted the first gathering in the Klang Valley. GDOP Malaysia's vision is to see GDOP meetings in 40 cities and towns throughout Malaysia every Pentecost Sunday.


NECF Chinese Prayer Camp

Theme: An Opportunity to Transform
Date: May 23–25
Venue: Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya
Speaker: Dr Joseph Paul Ozawa

This year's camp will kick off at the Global Day of Prayer event where Christians throughout Malaysia will gather at the Shah Alam Melawati Stadium to pray with our brethren worldwide.

The camp aims to alert and inform Christians about the current challenges facing the nation for more urgent and meaningful intercession. The organiser (NECF Chinese Commission) is targeting younger participants so as to ensure continuity in non-stop intercession for the country.

The speaker has been a licensed clinical psychologist for the last 26 years and is currently the Senior Consultant Psychologist of the Subordinate Courts of Singapore.

In 1995, he moved to Singapore from the US to minister in Asia. He has planted a church among the homeless and street children in San Diego and served as a pastor at several churches in the US and Singapore. In addition, he has also taught in many nations, especially on the topics of strategic intercession.

For more information, contact NECF at 03-7727 8227.


Missional Church Conference

Theme: The Missional Church - Its Contribution to Transformation of Society
Venue: Wisma Eagles (Full Gospel Tabernacle, Subang Jaya)
Date: 26–27 August 2010

Are Malaysian urban churches embroiled in issues of moderninty - fragmentation, individualism and materialism?

Are they too preoccupied with their "internal" ministries rather than looking outwards to impacting their community and society?

Are they too focused on prayer, bible studies and saving souls without much regards to social ministries simply because they are too demanding?

This conference will deal honestly with these questions and more in efforts to spawn a generation of Missional Churches. The subject will be dealt with from a Malaysian-Asian perspective.

The term "Missional Church" was first used in the late '90s to denote the church as God's missionary people for everyone, everywhere and for all things. In short, it means that every Christian is a missionary.

The afternoon workshops will propose some of the practical projects NECF has planned as part of its strategic action to bringing transformation to the nation. The projects include:

  • Vocational school project near Nilai, Seremban
  • A community school as an alternative to the national-type school
  • Public policy think-tank groups - how we may engage with public-policy making
  • Meeting community needs such as dialysis centres


Dr Paul Alexander has over 30 years' ministry experience in the pastorate in three different nations. His ministry has taken him on extensive travels to over fifty different nations and today, he continues to motivate leaders and churches to reach their full, missional potential.


East Malaysia Awareness: Seminar, Dialogue & Cultural Performance

Date: 1st May (Saturday)
Venue: SSMC, Petaling Jaya

The BM-speaking Christian community has been facing a lot of challenges lately. How should they circumvent the use of the banned word 'Allah' which is affecting the practice of their faith? What should the community do to meet the shortage of Alkitab and other printed materials? What is their response to the more than 400 homeless East Malaysians stranded in Kuala Lumpur (The Star, 25 Feb)?

Wawasan Penabur and the NECF Malaysia BM Commission are therefore organising the "East Malaysia Awareness: Seminar, Dialogue & Cultural Performance" on May 1 (Saturday) to explore strategies for networking and helping each other in the ministry, and brainstorm solutions to face the challenges.

The seminar will be from 9.00a..m to 4.00p.m. and continue again at 6.00p.m. for a celebration in conjunction with the East Malaysian harvest festivals of Kaamatan and Gawai. There will be a cultural performance with the theme of "Cultural Journey Thru Sabah & Sarawak" at the celebration which is open to the public. Books and CDs in BM will be on sale, together with handicraft products.

The seminar fee is RM10 and for more information, contact Randy at 012-320 3987 or e-mail

Also, check our the website


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